Guys and Dolls

Date 19th April 2012
Society The Zodiac Amateur Operatic Society
Venue Brindley Theatre, Runcorn
Type of Production Musical
Director Rob Stevens
Musical Director Michael J Scott


Author: Michael Jones-McCaw

My first visit to Zodiac and I wasn’t disappointed with what they produced. Guys and Dolls relies on a cast of plenty of men who can sing act and dance – even though there wasn’t an abundance of men, it was staged well enough to go unnoticed and along with a cast of principals and an experienced company who kept the pace going at a hundred miles an hour.   Tim Jones as Nathan Detroit brought exactly the right amount of humour to the character and had an excellent on stage relationship with long standing fiancée Adelaide played by Rachel Kirkbride. Rachel had natural comic ability and considering this was her first principal role, she did a sterling job and I’m positive we’ll be seeing plenty of her in the future. Sarah Brown played by Jennifer Deakin delivered stunning vocals and a very feisty performance. I wanted to see more of the softer, more vulnerable side to the character which would have made her love for Sky Masterson much more believable. Matthew Mellor delivered an outstanding performance as Sky, his vocals were faultless and with such natural characteristics he was ideally cast. I particularly loved his rendition of “My Time of Day” Phil Daniels was the campest Nicely Nicely I’ve ever seen however he brought an abundance of energy which was infectious. Leading ‘Sit Down you’re Rocking the Boat”, this was a definite highlight for me with a superb piece of staging and company work.  I really loved the set which was worked beautifully so special mention must go to the crew. The magnificent musical score came under the direction of Michael J Scott and sounded just great.  Congratulations to everyone involved and thanks again for your hospitality.