Date 31st October 2013
Society Stage One Youth Theatre Group
Venue Ferneham Hall, Fareham
Type of Production Musical
Director Jacqui Ivemy
Musical Director Dennis Brombley
Choreographer Matt Newman


Author: John E Thomas - Youth Adviser

~~It is a real pleasure to come to a Stage One production as you always receive a warm welcome. This evening was no exception.  The hall was a-buzz with great expectancy from the minute you entered.
The opening number was sung and danced with great enthusiasm, setting the scene of the pleasures to come.  The class of 59 certainly contained an assortment of different characters, just like any school class of today.  Each member of the cast developed their character in their own individual style from one extreme to the other.  The blend produced such an interesting combination it is not easy to single any individuals out.  However Jessica Manns as Sandy and Georgie Cox as Danny gave excellent performances, dancing and singing with panache.
Each of the “Pink Ladies” had identifiable characters from the bubbly, constantly eating Jan (Ellie Jones), the striving to be sophisticated Marty (Barbara Dabson), the appearance conscious Frenchy (Lily Wardale) and their leader Rizzo (Connie Powell), they worked really well together. Connie’s rendition of “There Are Worse Things I Could Do” was particularly good. Phoebe Saunders as Pattie gave us a typical all American cheerleader and the role of “Cha-Cha” was well portrayed and danced by Fenn Decundy.
The T-birds also portrayed each of their characters competently; the tough and surly Kenickie (Josh Dennis), the baby of the group Doody (Matt Fisher), the mischievous Roger (Declan Dali-Murphy), and the want to be a tough guy Sonny (Dominic Charman), they clearly enjoyed being a “gang” and their rendition of “Greased Lightnin’” was a definite audience pleaser. I must also mention Luke Collins as Eugene, super characterisation and a scene stealer.
The singing and dancing from the whole company was delivered with enthusiasm, and the hard work put in by everybody resulted in a polished production, thoroughly enjoyed by an appreciative audience. The colourful costumes and very effective set added that bit extra to the performances.
This show was extremely well directed by Jacqui Ivemy with excellent and imaginative use made of the stage. She was well supported by Dennis Brombley, Musical Director, with his superb small orchestral ensemble and Matt Newman the show choreographer.  Overall this was another good production from this society. Thank you!