Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Date 29th November 2019
Society Bramrocks
Venue Margaret Mack Room, Rockland St Mary
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Sandra Barker
Musical Director Stephen Cox
Asst Director Elizabeth Ridley Thomas


Author: Susan DuPont

‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears, a traditional John Morley circus story version which was very well attended on first night, and very noisily audience participated, excellent evening to start the panto season.

Sandra Barker is a very experienced pantomime director and performer and brings out the traditional traits as they should be for the audience of all ages. This year working harder than ever as a cast member had major health problems and so she had to stand in to perform as well as direct. And so a red-clad and mobile Belinda (not a fairy) saved the day on the side of good. Assisted in the direction and stage managed (and painted) by Elizabeth Ridley Thomas, and the music provided by Stephen Cox.

This is the circus version for the three bears and very colourful throughout with lots of movement and ensemble work as well as from the principals. This year a change to suit this panto with the ‘borrowing’ from Loddon of Funky Feet to provide an excellent introduction to the acrobatics needed for the circus ring, these tiny youngsters were great style and movement, and then danced as the ‘magic pool spirits’ to save Baby Bear before homeward disappearing at the interval.

The comedy stakes to the front with Jaci Evans as Joey Wizzbang the clown, and great audience interaction here. And with vibrant colour costumes and amazing makeup and wigs, Clive Gordon as Sadie Spangle, the owner of the circus, we had some of the traditional old jokes and humour, plus the sadness of prospect of losing the family business, until saved

A strong personality in Ringmaster Ronnie from Sally Lloyd as she pushed the story forward, courted Goldilocks, and fought to save the day. Looks and lovely personality from Rachel Wilkinson, nice singing with Sally and with all the cast, this was a true principal girl to want to support and hope she wins the day. And how kind she was to those bears, how worried when kidnapped, rallying her friends to help rescue and restore. And Rosalind Middleton, Tasmyn Nunn and Daisy Hyder-Alvarez appealed to the younger element in the audience, especially that Baby Bear.

The wicked side of the tale, Robert Coyle as Pedro the gipsy played his part in the taking of the bears but the real villain of the piece was the rival Circus Master Benjamin Blackheart from Ken Holbeck (and how he relished playing the ‘baddie’ to all the boos). All in black with tall hat, tall and menacing and enjoying every minute of this role, definitely a performance to appreciate.

The packed hall shouted and called and sang and laughed as required and all enjoyed the beginning of the pantomime season at Rockland, well done.