Gods Favorite

Date 11th July 2014
Society Rainham Theatrical Society (RTS Ltd)
Venue Oast Theatre
Type of Production Play
Director Beryl Lacey


Author: gordon Harris

Neil Simon's "God's Favorite", a funny play based on the Book of Job. Takes place at the Benjamin home on Long Island based 1970's, where a tycoon, his wife, a drunken son, a pair of twins and two old servants. One night a messenger from God appears, with a G on his tee shirt to inform Joe that he is ‘God's Favorite’ and wants Joe to renounce God. Joe refuses so a fire burns down his factory and his home. But amid this he gets sick with tragic circumstances happen. Director Beryl Lacey cast all eight roles very well and gives the audience a night of fun and frolics.

Beryl keeps the show in motion, moving her cast around the small stage with an excellent set. The two leading actors are perfect in their roles and give the show a strong foundation. Andrew Manktelow and Grant Baker give tour de force performances in their enormous roles, of the long-suffering father Joe, and Sidney Lipton. Grant Baker delivers his one-liners with spot on timing. His thick-lensed specs created the effect of a gaumless person that had lost his marbles, who appears magically behind the sofa on his first entrance. His scenes with Andrew crackled with energy... Well done to both of them.

The drunken periodical son, David, played by Luke Bailey his, "Holy Shit" was one of the funniest lines in the show. In the final scene he shows his transition to a more serious son, and shows his acting ability. Joes wife, Rose (Jan Wyatt) , She is more interested in her jewelry than in anything else. She also handles her one-liners very well. The twins (who are brother and sister I believe) Ben and Sarah are played by Liam and Lauren Feeking Liam had more lines but every one was delivered very professionally the two were perfect both of these young actors could be excellent in the future…well done.. Michael Willis and Jean Willis as Morris and Mady.,they did a superb job as the ageing servants ,their scene  at the beginning of the second act when they discuss the house fire was facially  hilarious particularly by Mady.. So for a fun filled night, be sure to catch "God's Favorite" at the Oast Theatre next week.