God of Carnage

Date 15th June 2017
Society Wick Theatre Company
Venue Southwick Barn
Type of Production Play
Director Dan Dryer


Author: Lance Milton

We wear clothes as we are ashamed or bashful of our bodies and we assume liberal pretentions because we are shamed by our true voice within. How wonderfully and uncomfortably aware Yasmina Reza's play God of Carnage brings this into hilarious focus and it's clear to see why it won a Tony award and Olivier for best new play. The premise, in brief, is that two couples are discussing what to do about a violent encounter between their school aged sons which resulted in a loss of one and a half incisor teeth. However what we are really seeing is a window into liberal middle England countenancing the facade that mankind is evolved and civility reigns - simply, the play suggests, not true - as beneath a thin veneer of politic we are all still savages who delight in the carnage that is primeval and inherent in humanity.

Having witnessed the on stage craft and performing prowess of Dan Dryer on more than one occasion at Southwick, it came as little surprise that his production of this great material was equally nurtured brilliance. He is clearly a deft director too, who respects his actors enough to give them the space and freedom to bring the depth and breadth of reality to their characters that makes the piece come alive. Sarah Charsley, John Garland, Rose Hall-Smith and Guy Steddon all delivered delightfully real performances with perfect pace and some genius moments of comic timing. It is rare to enjoy watching a four handed piece so evenly matched in talent and so well crafted in execution. Wick Theatre raise the bar again!