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11th December 2014


Facade Productions @ Victory Academy


Ormiston Victory Academy, Costessey, Norwich

Type of Production



David Watson

Musical Director

Helen Curson


Alice Driver


Author: Susan DuPont

On the technical side that digitised video screened backing was quite amazing (and expensive!), and necessary for the speed and numbers of sequences, congratulations to Andrew Rose and Ashley Cashfield for the masterful programming of computers for visuals and the lighting design which made the show possible, and created the different atmospheric scenes with skill. Also congratulations to the army of black-clad youngsters who coped with rapid movement of furniture and screens so that we had continuous non-stop action.
 This whole show was totally different from the normal-style production: a total change of approach with ‘in your face and full-on’ music and singing, a new technique for many of the leads and very demanding. They did well to achieve the standard of performance and must congratulate them for the high standard of acting and bringing out the character stories.
 As Molly (Megan Artherton) and Sam (Elliot Hunter) were a very credible couple with all the right vibes between them, and the very high standard of vocals throughout and sympathetic and giving acting roles, quite moving in places with the loss of Sam for Molly, but also very energetic vibes with Sam’s up-front ghost person: definitely two performances to relish and applaud.
 Lewis Aves as Carl was a strong personality with voice and attitude, able to balance the strength of Sam, a good duo action as friends and yet combatants at work in the bank.
 As the ‘medium’ Oda May Brown, Rhianna Griffin gave a very full-on performance in a difficult role created for Whoopi Goldberg, way-out acting plus singing and dancing in style and professional fashion.
 These four leads all in year 13 so maybe we will not see them again as they progress towards their futures. But from year 12, there were good performances to build on as leads next year. The three ghosts Mitchel Taylor (Hospital), and Antony Mowler with Jack Allen who doubled and changed roles as Subway Ghost and Willie Lopez all proved to have skills in the physical side as well as on vocal side, plus the fast acting in some sequences (loved the illusions and movements in that subway sequence, very clever). And the two assistants Chloe Hunter and Emily Rose from the Séance Parlour show confidence and singing skills. And one should not forget the rest of the huge cast in this production directed by David Watson for their energy and effort and enthusiastic participation in an ambitious enterprise.