Date 29th September 2012
Society Falkirk Operatic Society
Venue Falkirk Town Hall
Type of Production Concert
Director Lorna Wallace
Musical Director Crawford Moyes
Choreographer Clare Smith


Author: David Black Noda Scotland District 5

‘Generations’ provided a varied programme and was aptly named in the selection of musical numbers which provided something to suit everyone and showcased the wealth of talent which exists within the Society. Act one contained popular numbers of the Beatles, Abba, some unforgettable winners of ‘Eurovision’ and then closing with an Elvis selection. The second Act opened with a James Bond theme before moving on to an Elton John selection, some ‘easy listening’, followed with songs by Robin Gibb before moving on to a rousing finale. The presentation of all the musical numbers allowed the mixed age range of the cast to integrate extremely well and play to their strengths. Choreography was slick and the dancers performed to the highest standard. The cast were in great voice throughout, performing well and with great enthusiasm . Although I should not single any soloist out, I have to compliment Jim Brown on his powerful and heartfelt rendition of the American Trilogy with the entire company. This was an excellent and well orchestrated, colourful show which the cast and production team must be extremely proud of. I would also add that it was a privilege to have been invited to the show - many thanks.