Frozen Jr

Date 9th May 2024
Society Hoylake & West Kirby Theatre Group
Venue Gladstone Theatre
Type of Production Musical
Director Ami Clewow & Simon Brock
Choreographer Simon Brock & Liam Comer
Lighting & Sound Jamie Moran & Elliott Tutt
Producer Hannah broadbere
Written By Edward Lopez & Christina Lopez


Author: Joanne Rymer

Frozen Jr.



Frozen is loosely based on a Hans Christian Andersen story called ‘The Snow Queen’. Disney’s Frozen Jr the musical follows the film, but with a condensed script adapted especially for young performers. ‘WOW' best describes the enthusiasm and talent of the young people who star in Hoylake and West Kirby’s production Frozen Jr tonight at the Gladstone Theatre. The show begins with the younger Elsa (Alisa Haggart) and Anna (Bella Farrell) who are enjoying their play together. However, Elsa has dangerous powers enabling her to instantly deep freeze everything. Elsa accidently freezes her sister Anna’s brain their parents’ The King (Ellis King) and Queen (Brooke Mc Hugh) heal Anna, by removing her memories of Elsa’s powers. The King and Queen take Anna away never to return, leaving Princess Elsa to become the new Queen of Arendelle. These two young actors are a delight to watch their duet ‘Do you want to be a Snowman’ was a joy. Well done to both.

The sisters come of age; and then it is time for the Coronation. Anna (Abi Barker) is cheerful enthusiastic and dynamic, Elsa (Liv Clark) is repressed and reclusive. Liv has a lovely voice that rose perfectly to the challenge of singing that iconic song ‘Let It Go’ with grace and power, every word was perfectly clear and she made sure she owned the song rather than let it overpower her.

The Coronation of Princess Elsa brings the courtiers and townsfolk of Arendelle together in celebration. We are introduced to the wily Duke of Weselton (Jonathan McAdams), supposedly love-struck but malicious Hans (George Swift), who Anna instantly falls in love with, the honest, caring Kristoff (Jack Darker), enthusiastic Sven (Oliver Box) and delightful Olaf (Alex Kinnear), Pabbie (Payton Campbell), Bulda (Harrie Youd). Oaken/the bishop (Joseph Dawson).

The finale to this tale: having accidentally turned her country into a fridge Elsa goes off to live in an ice palace so she can do no more harm, but Anna needing to find her sister teams up with Kristoff his noisy reindeer Sven, snowman Olaf and Oaken. They need to bring summer back to Arendelle. A happy ending is essential in a Disney production...

Director Ami Clewlow and Choreographer Simon Brock did a great job with this show, littered with charming songs, they enabled the young cast to make the most of their time on stage. The set was perfect, with changing backdrop and scenic projections moving the action from one location to another.The lighting (Jamie Moran) and sound Elliott Tutt) synchronise well with the action. The snowstorms are so effective you think snow is actually falling on stage. The costumes are colourful and fun, reflecting the characters personalities splendidly. Great job.

There are many young people too many to mention who make up this talented cast that includes Castle Staff, Dancers and two separate teams. Team Snow, who performed on the Thursday evening (plus Saturday night) I saw this entertaining show. Team Ice performs on Friday and a Saturday matinee. Big ensemble numbers like Olaf’s ‘Summer’ and act two’s upbeat ‘Fixer Upper’, were excellent opportunities to see the cast come together, Another high-energy moment came courtesy of the wandering Oaken family, led by Oaken (Joseph Dawson) with their number "Hygge"  whose performance had extra laughs and cheers. A highlight performance for me.  It is easy to have your favourites, however, team work is what makes this show, as all the young people shine with happy smiling enthusiastic faces.

This was an evening full of excitement for this young cast, how wonderful to see this abundance of home-grown talent. Thank you to all those involved at HAWK in nurturing and developing it. Let's hope their obvious love of live performance continues for all of them for many years to come.

Thank you for inviting me. Both me and a very happy audience left the theatre humming’ Let it Be’. Am already looking forward to the next production.



Joanne Rymer


District 4