Footloose the Musical

Date 17th March 2017
Society Worthing Musical Theatre Company
Venue The Pavilion, Worthing
Type of Production Musical
Director James Lelean
Musical Director James Lelean
Choreographer Emily-Louise Hulatt


Author: Jose Harrison

I would firstly like to congratulate James Lelean on an exciting and up to date production. The opening was clever and the chorus number was spectacular. The entire show was fast moving, the songs well performed, choreography fun to watch, the closing of Act 1 was brilliant and the finale carried the audience along with it, leaving a positive buzz in the auditorium when the final curtain closed.

Matthew Collins (Ren) gave an excellent performance, from the very opening of the show, as a typical bored and fed up young son who is being moved away from the big city. His stance and expressions were totally convincing as those of a teenager, and over the next two hours of the show we watched him grow up and mature, all very cleverly portrayed. His singing was a delight especially 'Almost Paradise' with Charley Ann Moyce (Ariel) with whom he slowly fell in love. She was another teenager who had grown more belligerent and frustrated by the controls put on her by her father and was becoming wild and desperate because of all the restrictions on her life style. Hers was a stunning performance with outstanding singing. Mark Roberts, as her father The Rev. Moore, once again showed what an excellent, versatile performer he is with a great singing ability. I have seen him in many different productions, all very varied, but quite surprised this time at his vocal range, singing a number of very demanding songs. Suzanne Britten as his wife was delightful in her role as the typical peace maker in a family 'at war' within itself. Her rendition of 'Can you find it in your heart' was very moving and beautifully sung.

Sarah Milner, Chelsea Love and Annie Winrow as Ariels' closest friends lead the young chorus with life and vitality. Their dancing and acting were very good and their singing excellent, especially their rendition of 'Holding out for a Hero' when they headed the chorus with beautiful harmonies. Shaun Williams (Willard Hewitt) was very much the shy bumbling teenager in love with Sarah (Rusty) and gave us some of the few laughs in what was a very moving, but true to life in many respects, story line. Luke Martin and Nikki Reynolds both gave convincing interpretations of their very different roles and all the other principals added to this clever production with much enthusiasm. The singing was right up to the usual standard we have learnt to expect from this Society.

Well done Mark with your great set and Sam with the smooth and efficient scene changes. The flights of steps and the use of them were exceedingly clever and well managed.  Sally, the costumes looked great, Matt the lighting worked a treat and Bryan you were spot on with the sound. The technical team should be pleased with their efforts. This show was a joy to watch.