Date 1st September 2012
Society Theatre Guild Glasgow
Type of Production Musical
Director Alasdair Hawthorn
Musical Director Norma Fingland
Choreographer Jonathan Parsons



This popular show gives scope for some of the cast to be late teens / early twenties, possibly inexperienced in principal rôles, to shine — although that was not the case with this cast. Connor Going (Ren) was reprising the part he had played two years ago for Pantheon Club, and his expertise in dancing suited admirably, as did his singing and general portrayal. Gill Gilmore (Ariel) was an excellent foil for him, in her first lead rôle after many years as chorus and sub-principal, and played the rebellious teenager, with just the right amount of pathos, well. Cameron Lowe (Rev.Moore) was just right as the preacher trying to bring up his daughter safely, who chose the wrong way so often. Adele Simpson (Mrs.Moore) suffered from split loyalties, and was aided by Suzanne Lowe (Ren’s Mother Ethel) in trying to overturn the oh-so-strict Council, who banned dancing. In his burgeoning romance with Ariel, Ren antagonises Kevin McGuire (Chuck) who, with two friends, beats up Ren. This just adds fire to Ren who is even more determined to break the deadlock. The portrayals by the rest of the cast as Chicago-ians(?) and Bomore-ites, with well-managed dancing at the right moments, ensured that the full audience was well entertained. Clever use of trucks for the scene-changes made it slicker, in a theatre with limited back-stage, and the music kept feet tapping without drowning out the words, which so often happens with a ‘rock’ show. Well done Theatre Guild.