Flying Feathers

Date 22nd November 2014
Society Allerton Players
Venue Forum Theatre, Northallerton
Type of Production Play
Director Christine Trenholm


Author: Peter Parlour

This must be one of Derek Benfield’s funniest plays.  It was excellently produced by the Players, very well-acted indeed, and really hilarious.  It was set in a” House of sin”, with scantily clad girls in fishnet stockings and very little else.  When Henry Potterton arrived with his wife Sarah, played by Kate Staines, the housekeeper couldn’t understand why he had brought his wife as men usually arrived not to drink coffee, but to have a good time with the girls!!!.  Henry was excellently portrayed by Richard  Henry who was hardly off the stage, in one guise or another, because the house was his brother’s, who  had presumably died.  It was ‘Dingle Farm’ and the girls were, according to the House keeper, as workers on the farm, cleaning out the cowshed and feeding the chicken and the pigs.

Henry couldn’t understand the girls  working on the Farm so scantily clad in fishnet stockings and wellingtons, not a pretty sight.  They were excellently played by Katie Noble (Polly), Tamsin Bolam (Debbie), Louise Baker (Sally )and Leanne Dunning (Jackie). They were excellent, and had a great deal of courage to perform so scantily clad.  The Housekeeper was really well played by Deborah Hugill, trying to convince Henry, who was a Chief Constable, that everything was above board.  Everything was alright until Roger Featherstone, well played by Jonny West, arrived  dressed as a vicar, much to the amusement of the girls!!!.  Then  Mr Tunnicliffe the solicitor, played by newcomer Ewan McNulty, the solicitor on horseback, to break the news of the death of Henry’s brother who later turned up as a ghost, or did he?  He was played by Richard Henry dressed in a Monk’s habit. This caused some confusion because the girls thought he was a ghost and were nearly scared out of their wits.  All was supposedly sorted at the end when Henry was in the cupboard and the entire cast were trying to pull him out, when the Monk appeared in the room, so was it a ghost?  It was well worth making it through the fog.  Well done Allerton Players.  It was good to see you once again producing such an excellent play.