Fiddler on the Roof

Date 15th May 2019
Society Bentley Operatic Society
Venue Stanley Theatre Liverpool
Type of Production Musical
Director Michael Pearson
Musical Director Wendy Dickinson
Choreographer Mark McManus


Author: R. Grounsell

FIDDLER ON THE ROOF. Bentley Operatic Society Stanley Theatre Liverpool 15/5/19

This is the first time I have had cause to see a show by the Bentley but I hope it won’t be the last.

Basically a G&S society on this occasion they moved to one of the best Musical Shows “Fiddler”on the Roof”.

Having seen this show several times I know that choosing the right leading man in “Tevye” is vital for success and it proved to be so once again. Mark Duffy did an excellent job in this role of a Father caught between“Tradition” and trying to see on the other hand what was right for his marriageable daughters.

This credit to Tevye is not to demean the rest of the cast all of whom made the most of their character in both acting and singing ...Hilary Galley as Tevye’s wife was exactly right as the long term wife who had never seen her husband until their wedding day. When after twenty five years suddenly surprised with the question “do you love me” she finally agrees that she does. Very nicely played in every aspect.

Tevye has five daughters which is doubtless why he asks his god why can’t he be a rich man. As head of the house (or is he) he should arrange their marriages but love gets in the way. Hodel, Tzeitel and Chava (Teri Duffy, Molly Wildsmith and Hannah Mattson are the daughters who whilst ineligible to make such a decision about their future, according to tradition and their Mother and Father eventually choose their partners with the slight reluctance of their father. No problems with these three ladies who though young showed that experience has honed their theatrical skills. Their counterparts Perchik (John Kennedy) Motel (Juliet Shreeve) ,yes a lady) and Fyedka (Graeme Flynn) were fine in support of their prospective wives bearing in mind that they all had different agendas in life.

Support for the main antagonists came from Charlie Formby (Lazar Wolf), Irene Baker (Yenta the matchmaker),Bernadette O’Keefe (Fuma Sarah) Alison Shacklady( Grandma Tzeitel) and Neil Allcock the local Russian policeman. Daisy Carey and Freya Barnes (Bielke and Shprintze) played the last of Tevye’s daughters These roles all play a vital role in the overall plot and the players made their contribution count.

To all of the above we must add the cast of villagers being mindful of their part in the proceedings.

The Production team of Michael Pearson Director, Wendy Dickinson Musical Director and Choreographer Mark McManus proved that they all knew what they were doing and did it.

The actual set was miniscule but very effective and some of the shadow effects on the cyclorama wall were excellent and dramatic. The back stage team are seldom seen but their part in the show’s success can not be underestimated. Great show well done to you all. Budge Grounsell Noda Rep district 4.