Fiddler on the Roof

Date 26th January 2012
Society Rhiwbina Amateur Theatrical Society Cardiff
Venue Rhiwbina Memorial Hall, Cardiff
Director Mimi Ferrier
Musical Director Matt Hampson
Choreographer Linda Whiting


Author: Frank Wooles

With a superb and familiar score this poignant and touching musical tell of the harsh reality of a village community struggling to exist in poverty during the turmoil of Russia in the 1900’s and through them we experience their joy and sadness, strength and acceptance of life.
A warm, charismatic performance by Bob Tucker, as the gentle dairyman Tevye, coloured with sensitivity, pathos and humour in his struggle to balance tradition and family in a changing world and his familiarity with God. Rachel Woodsford played with tolerance and acceptance his wife Golde, the true head of the family.
Tevye’s elder daughters Tzeitel, Hodel and Chava were delightful performances, each with distinct individual character, by Jodi Bennett, Suzanne Dewstone and Hannah Davies, and to complete the family Connie Nicholls and Hannah Agius, attractively played the younger daughters, Shprintze and Bielke.
Dan Collier Roberts (Motel, the tailor and timid suitor for Tzeitel) was perfect in the role and Steve Lane, as rejected suitor the middle-aged butcher Lazer Wolf, played with a cantankerous humour. Revolutionary student Perchik (Martin Woodsford), and the gentle Russian Fyedke (Dafydd Lansley), were played with strength and character and supporting cameos Yente, the meddlesome matchmaker (Jackie Hurley), the chillingly ghoulish departed Fruma Sarah (Tracey Coleman), the Constable (Simon Jones) and many others were part of the interesting and colourful characters that populated doomed Anatevka.
Direction, by Mimi Ferrier, and choreography, by Linda Whiting, filled the stage with excitement and movement on polished, big production numbers well backed by a rich and balanced orchestra under the baton of Matt Hampson.
A lovely revival of this heart-rending, heart-warming musical.