Fawlty Towers

Date 16th July 2015
Society Retford Little Theatre
Venue Little Theatre, Retford
Type of Production Comedy Play
Director Nick Clayton


Author: David Fisher

This group choose to perform The Wedding Party, Waldorf Salad and Communication Problems.

Although the production had a very strong supporting cast, the undoubted star was Julian Roberts as Basil Fawlty. Everything from body movement, hand expressions, mannerisms and facial expressions were of a very high standard. The sets, by the very nature of the play were big and complex taken with exerpts from other plays in the series being transmitted through the speakers seemed out of place and to me seemed to slow down the action. Lighting and sound were good as was the wardrobe.

A special mention should be made of the cameo reles of Miss Gatsby and Miss Tibbs, portrayed by Angela Ingall and Brogan Thompson. Both these were very professionally performed. It was an evening of good entertainment that the audience did not want to end.