Fawlty Towers

Date 27th November 2015
Society Grantham Dramatic Society
Venue Guildhall Arts Centre, Grantham
Type of Production Play
Director Allison Allen / Mary O'Neill & Jeremy Hall (Assistant)


Author: Peter Breach

Thirty five years after the last episode of “Fawlty Towers” was broadcast by BBC television, stage adaptations of these programmes continue to attract large theatre audiences, as was the case when GDS presented their versions of “Communication Problems”, “The Germans” and “Basil – the Rat”.

Excellent characterisation was displayed by the well-cast principals in their respective roles. Basil Fawlty (Paul Meakin) and his wife Sybil (Tami Brown) displayed superb timing in their sharp verbal skirmishes which included some marvellous ‘put-downs’. Waitress Polly (Helen Pack) performed her role as a loyal employee with conviction. Newcomer to GDS Silas Lee quickly endeared himself to the audience as Manuel, the hapless waiter from Barcelona. Despite his apparent lack of culinary skills, Lee Johnson, as Chef Terry, was able to produce instant, though not necessarily hygienic solutions, to problems that arose in the kitchen and Tony Lane distinguished himself as the eccentric Major Gowan. Other members of the Society made significant contributions by taking on the large number of supporting roles in which they acquitted themselves well. Action took place on an innovatively designed set of sturdy construction. Without the aid of camera-switching or film editing, the combined skills of those involved in this stage production resulted in a seamless performance which had good pace and earned them acclaim and applause from the appreciative audience. Well done all who were involved in this fine entertainment!