Fawlty Towers

Date 25th May 2012
Society Garstang Theatre Group
Venue Arts Centre Garstang Academy, Garstang
Type of Production Play
Director Steve Dobson


Author: Katharine Carradus

Choreographer: Kathy Pinon

Well , congratulations must go to Tony Yates , Steve Dobson and George Richardson for the Scenic Design / Painting . It was a fantastic set and you could really believe you were one of the guests of Fawlty Towers.
Steve Dobson took Basil Fawlty`s mannerism`s to heart and really did get into his character. Paddy Holman had really got the right inflections in her voice and was a good foil for Basil .Colin Taylor as Manuel was suitably cowed in his demeanour and Susan Sloman as a delightful Polly made up the staff of Fawlty Towers.
George Richardson ably took on the role of Mr. Hutchinson in Hotel Inspectors and Mr. Carnegie in Basil The Rat, both two different characters and it was a nice change to see Ruth Moreland getting into the role of the deaf and eccentric Mrs. Richards. Major Gowan, Miss Tibbs, Miss Gatsby, Terri played by Barrie Mason , Bev Preece , Lou Wareing and Carla Addison made up the rest of the regulars at the Hotel. The rest of the characters in the 3 episodes were played more than adequately by other members of the cast.
As ever in the Fawlty Towers series there is always the clever mix up of personalities and events, Basil causing them and then Sybil appeasing everybody, and we must not forget the Rat, who ran across the stage to the delight of the audience. This show was opened up by a set of 6 young dancers who entertained us with various reels both at the start and between each of the episodes.
Well done everybody – you certainly gave us a fun filled evening. Thank you for your hospitality and don`t forget - I like tea with two sugars.