Entertaining Angels

Date 3rd February 2014
Society Retford Little Theatre
Venue Retford Little Theatre
Type of Production play
Director Robert Warburton


Author: Anne Key-Huckerby

I found this play immensely interesting, but then, I do enjoy a thought-provoking drama. The set of the back garden to newly-widowed Grace's house was excellent with great attention to details. The flower beds were nicely arranged and the stream, which was an integral part of the plot, was a real masterpiece. The technical details  were in safe hands. The main character, Grace, was played to perfection by Lesley Warburton. Grace's sister, Ruth, her daughter, Jo, and her late husband, Bardolph, also appeared and Susan Wiles played the new incumbent, Sarah, a young woman who would eventually move into the vicarage. All these roles were extremely well portrayed. The circumstances of the plot meant great changes in emotions had to be revealed. There was gentle humour to soften the more harsh issues. The acting throughout was superb ensuring this bitter-sweet comedy had humour, pathos, vitriolic anger and  hatred by contrast. I found it absolutely riveting. It was excellent theatre.