Disney The Jungle Book Kids

Date 19th October 2013
Society Worthing Musical Comedy Society
Venue Sir Robert Woodard Academy Theatre
Type of Production Junior Musical
Director Director - Lucy Newton
Musical Director Mark Hall
Choreographer Rachel Apps


Author: Amelia Regnante

A very warm welcome was recieved by company Chairman Wendy as I arrived to a Foyer full of buzzing Mums, Dads and Friends eagerly waiting to see this vibrant young cast.

The theatre was the perfect size for the age and cast size and the scene was set on entry with a pre set and jungle soundtrack playing.

Despite a late start, from the onset, one could tell the excitement on stage. Weinberger have done another excellent job at keeping this show a managable length for young societies and this group proved that, retaining energy form start to end!

A colourful jungle scene was presented with vibrancy and colour in the costumes, and video projections, opening the show with great enthusiasm and energy which paved the way...

This production equally showcased acting, dance and singing providing a great platform for these young amateurs. There were some delightful dances from the Sun and Moon dancers Erin Wilcock and Fiona Burton which provided smooth transitions for the scenes. Credit must also be given to the cast of young performers for battling some harmony work, which had noticeably been drilled well.

A show with so many parts. it's so difficult to not miss anyone out, but I especially wanted to note a few: I enjoyed a commited performance from Amber Kelly who had a beautiful voice and was the perfect Shanti.The explosive King Louis played by Becky Landy who really lifted the energy on stage with a great reception, a stage natural! Col.Hathi was played by Matthew Votta who had great pitching and presence too, controlling his Elephants accordingly! Sheer Khan was played by Sydney Goddard who provided the 'baddy' role well, although perhaps at times a little nervous I felt she showed great potential. Bagheera was played by Lillie Smith who was the gentle, motherly figure, applause due for remembering all those lines and entries, I felt the band were perhaps a little strong for this young voice, perhaps something to consider for next time. The show stopper was definately Luke Bassett who stole the show with his Baloo. And of course joining forces with King Louis had to be my favourite number. The whole cast had so much fun in Wanna Be Like You which judging by the applause, was also the audience's favourite! You could just see the fun on the cast's faces here. Monkies made us all giggle, the children really  got the physicality of the role which added to our amusement, and of course so many other delightful performances from Jack Roberts as Mowgli, the many Voltures, Parrots, Butterfly, Bees, Kaa's all of whom made for a really enjoyable production.

Noted that the backstage Assistants were also all youngsters, a society clearly bringing community together with the love of theatre.