Disco Inferno

Date 12th October 2012
Society Dinnington Operatic Society
Venue Lyric Theatre, Dinnigton
Type of Production Musical
Director Louise Selden
Musical Director Jonathan Wilby
Choreographer Kirstie Probert


Author: Les Smith

For anyone who is of a certain age and remembers the great music of the seventies this is the show for you, it is full of nostalgia with music from the Beatles, The Village People and of course Abba to name but a few.
The audience were rocking in the aisles as well as in their seats and so they should be it was great with some brilliant touches; I thought the captions at the side of the stage to show the timeline of the production were a brilliant addition.
There were too many good performances to mention them all but the ones who stood out for me were Mark Maltby as Jack, the young man who dreams of being a star but then realises it is not all what it is made out to be, he sang his way through the songs with ease and gave a very impressive performance throughout the whole show. There was a good deal of comedy from Ashley Booker as his mate Tom especially when in the cinema queue at a time when the Beatles had just split up and they were trying to impress the two girls who were obviously upset at the news.
One of these girls became Jack’s girlfriend, Jane who was played by Kerry Masson, Kerry was able to deliver the part with passion and sincerity which I think touched the hearts of the entire audience when Tom was not paying her as much attention as he ought to be.
Of course no show is complete without an excellent band and this one was no exception, the combo on stage was expertly conducted by Jonathan Wilby who also doubled on the keyboard
Thank you Dinnington for a great evening’s entertainment.