Dick Whitington

Date 30th December 2018
Society Milton Keynes Amateur Operatic Society
Venue The Venue MK Theatre
Type of Production Pantomime
Co-Directors John Dowell and Amy Hansford
Musical Director Leah Scott and Amy Hansford
Choreographer Juliet Lennox


Author: Nanette Lovell - Regional Councillor

Milton Keynes Amateur Operatic Society -  Dick Whittington - 30th December 2018. at the Venue MK Theatre.

Director:  John Dowell.  Choreographer: Juliet Lennox.    Music arranged by James Clark at Sound-Board.

I always look forward to seeing MKAOS's pantomime and this year was no exception.  As soon as I entered the theatre it was obvious that this was going to be a great show - we were in pantoland - and WOW it certainly lived up to expectations.   "Dick Whittington" played by Leah Scott was a traditional Principal Boy with a fantastic singing voice and acting ability to match.  She was well supported by John Dowell as "Dame Sarah" - just simply brilliant - John you get better every year (if that is possible!).   Tanya Horwood was exceptional as "Alice Fitzwarren" and worked so well with "Dick Whittington".  Another lovely voice.     James Down "King Rat"  was the darkest "King Rat" you would ever see - he looked and sounded really evil!   "Fairy Bow Bells"  - Juliet Lennox - put him in his place at every opportunity.  Amy Hansford as "Lazy Susan" was brilliant in this comedy role and had great rapport with the children in the audience."Alderman Fitzwarren" (Simon Page)  "Tommy the Cat"  (Lily Harvey)  "Queen  Cappuccino" (Livvy Clarke) and "Decaf" (Helen Maltby)  all gave great support to the other principals in the cast.   Superb dancing from Team Dick and Team Tommy and the Ratlings and  the ensemble chorus. Costumes and set were outstanding as was the music and sound - you could hear every word that  sung or spoken.Congratulations also to the stage crew and front of house.   It really was an outstanding production in every sense of the word.   Congratulations to EVERYONE involved in "Dick Whittington" at The Venue, MK.

Nanette Lovell  East Midlands Councillor.