Deckchairs 11

Date 12th March 2020
Society Cockermouth Amateur Dramatic Society
Venue Kirkgate Centre Cockermouth
Type of Production Play
Director Stewart Grant
Producer Jill Roper


Author: Ed McGee



                                          COCKERMOUTH AMATEUR DRAMATIC SOCIETY

                                                DECKCHAIRS 11

Deckchairs 11 is a play set in four acts and all set beside the seaside. The Acts are all two handed and played by ladies. Each Act portrays different circumstances between the performers, and the good and not so good relationships between them.

Daytrippers is the first act, very well performed by Jill Roper and Alison Shutt, respectively playing Beryl and Doris. They are on a day trip from their workplace and are enjoying the sun on the beach and chatting about work and various aspects of their lives. The script is very funny particularly when the two realise that some of their work colleagues are naturists, including the Foreman who Doris has a crush on. This act was very well played by two very accomplished performers.

The Guilt Card had two real life sisters, Pam Hayes and Jane Douglas, playing sisters Deborah and Marion. They sat on the beach and discussed the pros and cons of their parents will and who had got the best deal, whilst all the time playing cards. These two ladies gave excellent performances and in the end agreed to differ on most of their conversations. Very well played.

Short Changed, again set on the beach. The performers were Amanda Dyer, playing Miss Westlake, a retired boarding school Head, and Jane Sharkey, playing Julia boss of a Retirement Home, hopefully. Soon to become a home for Mrs Westlake. The Head was ecstatic with the way the school had been run, but Julia wasn’t so sure . It was never said during the performance but clearly obvious that Julia had attended the school and had been expelled by Miss Westlake, although she didn’t realise Julia was the same girl. Revenge was sweet for Julia as it was likely there would be no place for Miss Westlake at the Retirement Home. Once again fine performances by two accomplished actresses.

Theatrical Digs, the last Act of the play, again set on the beach, tells the tale of Maggie played by Sheila King and Pasqueline played by Gwen Irving. Did they save the best until the last? Well its difficult to find a winner between the eight girls, so I'm not going to bother. Maggie is an ageing actress and Pasqueline is appearing in a play at the nearby Pier Theatre. She gives the impression she has been awarded BAFTA’S and various theatre awards etc, but is soon put in her place by Maggie. Once again another very enjoyable playlet, played by two talented ladies.

Thank you CADS for a very enjoyable evening, all eight performances were excellent in their own way. Eight very talented actresses. Thanks again to every one of you.

   Ed McGee ( NODA NW 10 Rep)