Daisy Pulls It Off

Date 18th April 2015
Society Winton Players
Venue Petersfield Festival Hall
Type of Production Play
Director Phill Humphries


Author: Chris Horton

DAISY PULLS IT OFF by Denise Deegan is set in 1927 in a girls’ boarding school and is the story of Daisy Meredith, an elementary schoolgirl. We follow Daisy as she faces the trials and tribulations of life at Grangewood.  Director, Phill Humphries had assembled an excellent cast of young ladies with Amy Perkins as the perky and daring Daisy.  Amy allowed Daisy’s innocence to shine through but also showed that she could be brave and mischievous.  She had fine support in this hearty adventure story from Francesca Williams as her new chum Trixie.  Francesca sustained the energy and comedy of Trixie’s character and was very enjoyable to watch. 

The action moved along nicely: classroom bickering, treasure hunting and the formation of  a secret society, a cliff-top rescue, hot water bottle fight and assembly. The cast injected a lot of life into proceedings and I particularly enjoyed the hockey match which was executed with enthusiasm and precision. 

The set was well designed with wood panelled school hall being transformed by using blackboards (on wheels) depicting various scenes, classroom, the dorm, the san, the library, Miss Gibson’s study and the scene changes were efficient and seamless.  Costumes and hair-styles were appropriate for the period and added to the nostalgic feel of the production.  This was an ensemble piece and each cast member helped evoke a life far removed from real life but was spiffing fun.     Jolly good show Winton Players!