Cyrano De Bergerac

Date 16th October 2021
Society Class Act Theatre Company
Venue The Drill Hall
Type of Production Play


Author: Dianne Hayes

The saying “better late than never” certainly comes to mind when I consider the wonderful evening of entertainment, provided by Class Act in their production of Cyrano De Bergerac. The long wait from the original planned performance in April 2020, shows clearly the dedication of this company and their determination for the show to go on.

From the opening scene the audience were completely captivated with the story as it unfolded. Cyrano, played by outstanding talent Ashley Lewis Pearce, had everyone mesmerised with what could only be described as the perfect portrayal which was maintained throughout the performance. 

Megan Pugh- Adams as Roxane gave an excellent performance, moving through the emotional changes of the character and showing excellent comic timing and expressive body language. 

Rhys Rayner as Christian De Neuvillete was a perfect foil to that of Cyrano and gave an emotional and convincing performance. The entire cast took on multiple roles as the story unfolded, not an easy task but achieved with smooth efficiency. The open set was well designed and the lighting used to make effective changes in mood and atmosphere. 

An enthusiastic and dedicated company has shown the way under the experienced guidance of director Louise Best. A pleasure to watch.