Date 3rd May 2012
Society Wrexham Musical Theatre Society
Venue The Riverside Studio Theatre, Wrexham
Type of Production Play?
Director Annie Lewis, Assistant Director- Margaret Hartley


Author: Jackie Titley

If ever there was a play with a twist, this is it. A play within a play within a play.
It was performed well by strong characters.
A half finished set immediately set the scene and carried the audience to a theatre at the end of the pier We could recognise a typical rehearsal evening with cast arriving through the auditorium, which was very effective, chatting about life at home and characters evolving as the rehearsal began.
Linda, (Zoe Kim Evans) the girlfriend opened the evening and then gave a convincing performance as the woman spurned. Sandra (Laura Taylor) seemed quite at home on the set for her debut as a performer. Ginny (Ellie de Bolla) connected with the audience immediately, well with a scream like hers it was bound to. A super performance which she maintained throughout. Harry (Owen Osbourne) changed with the script from a typical caretaker to a father seeking revenge, then gave us the twist in the tale from the audience. Alex (Joshua Bartley) and Sylvia (Jayne McCubbin) played the couple having an elicit affair with Alex giving a heart-stopping performance when he thought he was about to expire in the fire! Martin (Peter Nunn) complimented the play with his hard exterior which, we all know, often disguises a softer interior, as it did in this case. Moppet (Lesley Nunn), as she says in her profile really can ‘ham it up’ and did so as her character. It was great to see youngsters working with light and sound, a good job they did too, well done.
We, the audience, were very well entertained, Thank you.