Crown Prince

Date 21st March 2015
Society Horncastle Theatre Company
Venue Lion Theatre, Horncastle
Type of Production play
Director Shirley Moffat


Author: Anne Key-Huckerby

Billed as 'a green comedy' by John Godber, this play gives more than a glimpse into England's future as far as climate is concerned. Set at a Bowls Club near Hull, the scene very nicely featured the Club House and one of the 'ends'. The action commenced in the present day and continued eventually to reach the year 2035.  We met four active members of the club. Later we also encountered Jack Batley's wife, May; his staunch environmentalist granddaughter, Faye, and a young man, Max, who was a delivery driver and who had a speech impediment. It would be wrong of me to select any one of the seven members of the cast for special mention for they all are worthy of praise. The passage of time over 20 years into the future meant the characters needed to age accordingly. It was interesting to note that Max's tattoos incresed with the advancing years; a very clever touch. The clothes reflected the individual characters' tastes and the lighting and other effects were in safe hands. There was plenty of humour mixed with a certain amount of pathos in this play. A most interesting production. Well done.