Date 17th April 2015
Society Three Towns Theatre Company
Venue Brook Theatre Chatham
Type of Production Musical
Director Debbi Harold
Musical Director Marc Taylor
Choreographer Katy Leman


Author: Gordon Harris

Barry Manilow’s Copacabana brings “Glitz and Glamour” to the Brooke Theatre this week. The hit from London’s West End where it played for over a year, not a long run for a Musical. But with an original story, many companies have brought into this musical the colour and glamour of the Havana nightclub scene. The infamous story of Tony and Lola the showgirl is one that audiences of all ages will love.  I didn’t like it.  I LOVED IT!!!  Well done 3 Towns for bringing this musical to life for Medway Audiences, from the showgirls that greeted me to the stupendous finale.Debbie Harold and Katy Leman as Director and Choreographer took this show to great heights for Three Towns, giving us a well staged and choreographed piece of musical theatre. The cast looked as if they were enjoying every minute of it, which shone over the footlights, accompanied by fabulous costumes and a great set perfectly stage managed, also a great Lighting design by Louise Parrott.The camaraderie in the cast shone, from leads to the minor roles.  Tony (John Bishop) although not the worlds best singer gave us a perfectly acted and controlled leading man, along with the poise and glamour of Lola (Samantha Grace) they were teamed well. Gladys Murphy (Cara Diamond) and Rico Castelli (David Clark) gave us great characterizations, as did (Richard Sutehall) Sam Silver, some very funny moments from him, and (Melanie Poynter) as Conchita Alvarez, this lady stole the show for me in places, she gave us her stage presence and a perfect South American accent.  Musical Direction for this production was in the capable hands of Marc B Naylor his orchestra sounded superb, a little loud on underscoring, which made it difficult to hear the actors on stage at times.