Date 29th November 2013
Society Bramrocks
Venue Margaret Mack Room, Rockland St Mary
Type of Production pantomime
Director Carin Nutt
Musical Director Katie Clarke


Author: Susan DuPont

I have to say that this pantomime should have a serious health and safety warning issued for laughter pains, I certainly ached with laughing so much and the hall just rocked with the hilarity and general enjoyment of the performance, this was comedy plus.

Lovely colourful sets throughout and good costumes (amazing creations, coloured wigs and spectacles for the sisters) giving the upbeat background to the actions.

Good to see the younger element having their chances on stage with the juniors’ chorus and the talented teenagers+ in their principal roles. A delightful Cinderella from Kate Grange, all that one wants in a principal girl and the transformation from rags to ball-gown looked beautiful. Good support from a slightly bashful Dandini (Joe Daniels), rather overwhelmed by the sisters. As Buttons, 15 year-old David Middleton was outstanding, he had a natural comedy timing and great personality,   I can hardly wait for him to be old enough for major roles as he has what it takes for centre stage. And on the night that I attended a stand-in, by director Carin Nutt, as an accomplished Prince Charming.

We felt sorry for the plight of Baron Hardup (Nicholas Dixey) in his domestic arrangements with the Baroness and his step-daughters. Alexandra Evans was OTT with plotting,comedy and character as Baroness Hardup, certainly a mother in favour of the daughters but not poor Cinderella. And supervising with ‘L’ plates the action was controlled by Karen McKabe as Fairy Kindheart.

Dominating the stage and action, colourful beyond imagination, comedy plus, ad-libs and interactions OTT, Alastair Clayton and Nick Mayhew as Fi-Fi and Fru-Fru were quite amazing with their timing and teamwork, one assumes they must be good mates to have this almost Siamese twinning in the dialogue and on-stage persona, a joy to behold.

Carin Nutt is to be congratulated for pulling this production together and controlling this line-up in the cast. To sell all tickets, for every performance, before opening and to have a waiting list, says a lot for the reputation of the group.   They clearly are giving the village what it wants for entertainment.