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28th November 2012


Mytholmroyd St Michaels Amateur's


Mytholmroyd St Michael's Church Hall

Type of Production



Rachel Doyle-Richards

Musical Director

Peter Drinkel


Rowene Sweeney


Author: Jacqui Hartley

Not the pantomime but Roger's and Hammerstein's 'Cinderella the musical', which they wrote together specifically for television in 1957, as a vehicle for Julie Andrews who played the title role. The prologue takes place in the village square with the Fairy Godmother (Elizabeth Wrathall) introducing the characters one by one, her song 'Impossible' sung during the transformation scene was delightful. Cinderella was a little nervous at first but gained confidence as the evening went on, her dress transformation was extremely well done, she just turned around and there was her ball gown brilliantly designed. It had all the usual characters we expect, but instead of men for sisters they had two pretty young girls, (Kirsty Woodworth-Dale and Jenny Doyle) being nasty and fractious throughout. Their duet 'Stepsisters Lament' in act two was sung and acted out well. Prince Christopher Charming (Tim Ordway) was a gentle Prince matching the delicate Cinderella, completely opposite from her bossy sisters and stepmother. Lionel (Andy McNally) the Prince's valet acted his role well, showing a strong character as opposed to the gentle Prince. It was a good opportunity to include the children of the Society as mice, horses, a cat and a dove. It was a little slow on the first night and needed to pick up pace, which I am sure they will as the show progresses. Congratulations to St. Michael's once again for taking up the challenge of something new and different.