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1st February 2013


Halifax YMCA Pantomime Society


Malborough Hall Halifax

Type of Production



Lynda Jowett/Daniel Jowett

Musical Director

Jonathon Armitage


Melissa Hoe


Author: Jacqui Hartley

The cast thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and so did the audience.  Once again the energy and enthusiasm of this company's pantomime proved that hard work does pay off.  All the characters gave good interpretations of their roles, Cinderella (Karin Parkin) and her Prince Charming (Kate Hardcastle) both gave competent performances. Snitch and Snatch (Amanda Gatehouse & Heather Dutton) the brokers men, worked really hard and their comedy timing was spot on. The Ugly Sisters (Debs Cross and Joanne Lewis) did an excellent job, I especially enjoyed their Spa session before the ball, whipping off the hairs from their legs etc, quite a different slapstick scene from usual.   Everyone loved the panto horse called 'Yorkshire Pudding' portrayed by Ann Metcalf and Gemma Hughes. The transformation scene when Cinderella went to the ball was extremely well done, one shake of the Fairy Godmothers cloak and there was Cinders in her ball gown.  Also the clock on the wall really did change the time, first it was nine o'clock, then ten, then eleven fifty five before it moved on to midnight for the chimes.  Buttons (Calum Davidson) worked hard and connected well with the children in the audience. Good scenery, lovely costumes and a spectactular finale, did we enjoy it, Oh Yes we did.