Date 21st January 2023
Society Ellesmere Port Original Pantomime Company
Venue Ellesmere Port Civic Hall
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Gail Roberts
Musical Director Rob Stevens
Choreographer Sue & Liz Hickman
Producer Gail Roberts
Written By Limelight Scripts Adapted by EPOPC


Author: Joanne Rymer




As we enter the Ellesmere Port Civic Hall auditorium the stage is set, music is playing, the scenery in place, it’s make-believe time! Time to embrace the child inside us all and just sit back and enjoy the show that is about to be performed in front of us.

You can’t go wrong with the E.P.O.P.C panto which is less a show and more an institution, they will be 90 years old next year.

This panto comprised all the main ingredients of a family panto, we have a woman slapping her thigh playing a man, people changing names, ugly sisters, we have audience participation aplenty, we have song and dance and terrible jokes. What more could you want? The answer is a wonderfully talented Adult and Junior Chorus, EPOPC is in safe hands for the future.

Opening the Panto, we meet the Fairy Godmother (Lucy Morris) who gave a lovely performance throughout linking the story threads together. The Fairy is in charge of her three young apprentice Fairies Stardust (Megan Pritchard) Twinkle (Amy Byron) Moonbeam (Ruby Summerscales), terrific mischievous fun performances.

Ian Devereux-Roberts brought us a delightful Buttons, energetic and entertaining. The camaraderie with Cinderella was lovely. His warm interaction with the audience was a joy, great stage presence the audience loved him. Lovely performance, Ian.

Cinderella is one of our most popular pantomimes, a lovely romantic story, loveable characters, and a Royal Wedding. Mel Hughes gave a warm performance as the unhappy put upon Cinderella, with a cruel stepmother, and two spiteful stepsisters, her singing voice is just awesome.  Her first meeting with Prince Charming (Lexi Parker) who posing as his friend Dandini (Viv Henson) was a lovely scene. The Prince celebrates meeting the girl of his dreams, however his father the King (Steve Dale) insists he marries a Princess and dismisses his wishes. Lexi gave a commanding performance in her first pantomime, well done.

The Baron and Baroness (Chris Pacitti and Hayley Dale) were well cast displaying an unhappy couple. The Baron henpecked by his cruel wife, dutifully trying to keep the peace with Dyspepsia (Liz Legerton) and Sciatica (Gail Roberts), and his first daughter Cinderella. Chris’s scenes with the bailiffs demanding money; Cash (Nicola Wheeler) Carry (Sue Mears) are hilarious, great performances from these three talented actors.

Dyspepsia and Sciatica are totally self-absorbed, selfish stepsisters to Cinderella. Fine performances her from two panto regulars Liz and Gail. Their meeting with the lumberjacks (Kyle Hickman-Germon) on the way home from the ball was great, Praise to the costume department they were wonderfully colourful, crazy and totally over the top: perfect for panto well done Gail Roberts and team. Their meeting with the lumberjack (Kyle Hickman-Germon) on the way home from the ball was great.

EPOPC Pantomime gave us a good script containing all the right ingredients for a traditional panto, strong direction by Gail Roberts, imaginative choreography from mother and daughter team Sue and Liz Hickman, lighting Daniel McAllister, sound Derek Bosely, professional musical direction from the multi-talented Rob Stevens and a committed talented cast all added up to a truly enjoyable production of this favourite show which was appreciated with great enthusiasm by a full house.

Thank you EPOPC for a truly entertaining afternoon, it was a blast.


Joanne Rymer


District 4