Date 17th January 2020
Society Rainham Theatrical Society (RTS Ltd)
Venue Oasthouse Theatre, Rainham
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Georgie Sayers
Choreographer Georgie Sayers


Author: Gordon Harris

To write a pantomime and direct it is no mean feat, but Georgie Sayers succeeded. She chose her cast well and pulled it off, taking in all the elements of good old pantomime.

A great set, built by many, costume tricks executed well by Claire Feekings - her costumes were very colourful. Transformation in the set was excellent, such a clever thing to do on such a small stage, well done to set team, all staged well and smoothly moved by stage manager Neil Balderson. C

inderella (Lauren Feekings) gave us sweetness andgood stage presence, as did Charlotte Genty as Cinderella’s love interest. Good acting and singing from these two ladies. Buttons (Holly Geldard): what a performance, Holly had the audience on her side from the outset, and kept it, and they loved her for it. Cheeky Chappy Richie Bassett shone as Dandini. Whitney and Britney (Darren Hammock and Kevin Lane) as The Uglies played the audience well and were teamed well. Cast as Wicked Stepmother and Baron Hardup we had two stalwarts of Medway theatre Kathy West and Gerald Flanaagan - both over acting!!! But their parts needed it as it showed maturity and stage skill. Well done you two. I loved the characterisation of Jill Balderson as Fairy Godmother a very difficult part, but she had great comic timing and that accent - brilliant!!! Fairy Sparkle I don’t know which one I saw but she certainly sparkled….Conner and Robin (Claire Feekings and Rob O’Hanon) bounced off one another, the scenes with Baron Hardup were very funny. Crazy Jo Godman and Peter Gray gave us a majestic King and Queen. Team Tuesday or Thursday gave us simple but precise dance. Other parts backing up this cast gave us a sense of camaraderie between you all.

To sum up - good choice of cast, great set and costumes, directed well. But I did feel in some places it was a little slow, mainly on dialogue.