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6th January 2018


De Caversmill Theatre Company


Stoke Repertory Theatre

Type of Production



Deborah Hill

Musical Director

Melanie Fox-Crowther


Madison Crowther


Author: Alan Bruce

DE Caversmill – CINDERELLA

Saturday 6th January 2018


Celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary D.E. Caversmill brought us Cinderella, a repeat of their opening panto twenty five years previously.

Having performed in many an Alan P. Frayn pantomime myself, I was very familiar with the format. Crucially a pantomimes success or otherwise revolve around certain characters whose roles are absolutely crucial, Cinderella is no exception.

One such role is that of Buttons – Scott Bagnall, Scott had a great, warm, easy rapport with the audience, his delivery and timing were superb, most impressively he did all of his own stunts as well.

Cinderella, Kirsty Heath, was lovely, despite having her world turned upside down by the arrival of her new mother-in-law, The Baroness, Melanie Fox-Crowther, who when not being horrible to everyone, was doting on her darling, precious daughters the ugliest of sisters, Grizelda and Gertrude; Rob Mills and Ian Hill played the wonderfully awful, water pistol toting sisters who were completely over the top funsters.

Dan Tobias Lewis Dayle, as Baron Hardup, her henpecked new husband, delivered some witty one liners.

Prince Charming, Rebecca Mills; together with her buddy in waiting Dandini, Siobhan Hammond, had a really effective rapport helping to sell the tale.

The comic wheel barrow wielding brokers men, Bodget and Legget, James Murphy and Elizabeth Capper performed some classic panto slapstick “when I nod my head” moments... loved it.

All of which was magically controlled under the watchful eyes of Fairy Godmother, Sarah Jablonski.

Great support from the rest of the cast, some lovely and effective dancing, I must give a very well done mention to choreographer Madison Crowther, who at sixteen really had the whole cast moving extremely well.

Directed by Deborah Hill, together with Producer Ian Hill and Musical Director Melanie Fox-Crowther, all brought a real focus to the show from all involved, and it showed from the stage to the audience. Some great songs, very well presented.

Cinderella was a sumptuous, lavish show, and to quote TV's Miranda's mum “Such fun” lots and lots of audience participation, “Oh no there wasn't”, “Oh yes there was”. Brilliant.