Cheshire Cats

Date 24th May 2012
Society Neston Players
Venue Neston Civic Hall, Neston?
Type of Production Play
Director Joanne Rymer?


Author: Budge Grounsell

Written by Gail Young a local writer from Guilden Sutton this delightful play is enjoying great success with dramatic groups all over the country and further success is guaranteed judging by the performance given by the Neston Player’s . The play which is mainly inhabited by ladies brings out all the personalities which are found in any group who set themselves up in a project; in this case a charity walk in far off London. The members of the cast caught the flavour of the various “contestants” within the self styles “cats” from their erstwhile leader, Hilary strongly played by Barbara Campbell” (and you could certainly hear the campbells coming in accordance with the famous song.) to Maggie who played the slightly unsure, nervy newest member of the group with real finesse. Add to them Siobhan, Cheryl Barker making more than commendable debut; and Yvonne, Eleanor Hillman, as the “want to get a way from the daily drudge” Mum complete with new trainers. Hilary was right they have to be broken in. The “Love” element came in the form of Vicky, Jan Myers, slightly over the age of consent but credibly still man hungry which brings us the final member of the Cat’s team…. Standing in for the missing Chloe we had an excellent performance from Gordon Wallace whose “encounters” I think that’s the word, with Vicky were eminently believable and in his Cat’s costume would not have disgraced “Legs and Co”. All the main players fed beautifully off each other, promoting plenty of laughs for an enthusiastic audience. I also liked the excursions into verse which the writer introduced, it changed the mood but exposed us to the more intimate thoughts of the characters. Later when the run was taking place we were suddenly introduced to two of the offical “Marshals” directing the runners and for a brief moment I thought the Two Ronnies had miraculously returned. Played by Irene Pugh and Diane O’Brien who are long term members of Neston Players their scene was an absolute joy reflecting a wealth of stage experience; comfortable within themselves and making the audience feel the same. Alan Binns demonstrated his aerobics skills and Andrew Rymer his drinking skills in the nicest possible way. The show was well directed by Joanne Rymer with a virtuoso performance as the photographer thrown in. The whole of the production team must also be congratulated as you cannot produce a show of this calibre without dedicated people in the background. Well done to you all. And I loved the Bras ladies..