Caught in the Net

Date 30th March 2012
Society Wick Theatre Company
Venue The Barn Theatre, Southwick
Type of Production Play
Director John Garland


Author: Phillip Hall

If there is one thing Wick Theatre Company can do as well as any company, it is to find a good comedy and then perform it for all they are worth. A quite excellent cast of seven gave their audience a rattling good evening, with more laughs than was probably good for us. There was an excellent set, with enough ways on and off stage to test the memory of any actor. The two wives (of the one husband) and their two children provided what little sanity there was to the story while the three men conveyed every aspect of mayhem author Ray Cooney could create. This is an extremely funny play and it could not have been better performed. John Garland is to be congratulated on his choice of cast and the quality of his direction. This was - at the risk of being unoriginal - as good as it gets with both real acting talent and superb over-acting for good measure.