Date 6th May 2016
Society Aberdeen Youth Music Theatre
Venue Tivoli Theatre, Aberdeen
Type of Production Musical
Director Shirley McGill
Musical Director Jenny Cranna
Choreographer Fiona Beedie


Author: Douglas J Clark

Susan Begg’s impressive junkyard set provided lots of nooks, crannies and resting places for the sixty cats and kittens attending the Jellicle Ball. Under the watchful, fatherly eye of Matthew Walker’s Old Deuteronomy they delightfully paraded, danced and sang their way through a show which contains no dialogue, and has some difficult scoring and tricky lyrics, with a confidence belying their ages.  Beth Nicholson as Munkustrap, who could be said to be the Master of Ceremonies of the piece, had both a very good voice and stage presence. Each of the characters vying for a chance to be picked to be re-born – Rum Tum Tugger (Joel Anderson), Bustopher Jones (Lara Morris), Macavity (Sarah Henderson), Mungogerrie and Rumpleteazer (Robyn Collie and Rachael Henderson), Mister Mistoffolees (Rebecca Dargie), Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat (Olivia Douglas), Gus the Theatre Cat (Samuel Anderson) and Jennyanydots (Sophie Love) – gave very good performances, all having the characteristics of their feline personnas down to a “T”. Last but not least of the contenders was Jenny McClung as Grizabella the (faded) Glamour Cat – her rendition of “Memory” was show stopping! The singing and movement from the whole company was excellent. Costuming and make-up too were excellent, ensuring each of the cast had their own individual identity. Well done everyone at Junior AYMT for another purr-fect show.