Cash on Delivery

Date 28th April 2012
Society Cobham Players
Venue Cobham Village Hall, Cobham
Type of Production Play
Director Roger Jones


Author: Helen Mills

A very fast-moving farce written by Ray Cooney’s son Michael with an almost incomprehensible plot involving fraudulently abstracting money from Social Services/Inland Revenue which was perpetrated by Eric (Jason Lambert) who acted with real conviction, juggling with the convoluted plot and his attempts at concealing his fraud from the authorities. His wife Linda( Nicky Barnes) ignorant of his misdeeds, played the part well, mostly in a bemused state. Norman, the lodger, (Graham Callis) the crux of the fraudulent plots, was a delight, with his twisted handkerchief, was alternately co-operative and befuddled. Mr Jenkins, the ‘straight’ man from the Revenue Office, (Brian Hulme) became gradually more disheveled as his part progressed and he was blown up on the roof, also Uncle George (Graham Budd) a fellow conspirator, had an authentic accent and was either asleep, bundled into a window seat or shuffling round tied to a stretcher, both roles well acted. Sally Chessington (Pam Campbell), Doctor Chapman (Hilary Jones) and the Undertaker, Mr Forbright (Alan Wiseman) all played their roles well and added to the general mayhem. Both Ms Cowper( Kim Groom), the “dragon” of the department who resolved everything in the end and Miss Dixon, Norman’s fiancée, (Samantha Myers) played convincingly. The set, props, sound and lighting were first class the costumes were fine and the audience went out with a laugh on their lips. Well done Roger and cast.