Camp Confidence

Date 8th October 2021
Society Compton Little Theatre
Venue Compton Village Hall
Type of Production Play
Director Rachel Jenner
Producer Andrew Payne


Author: Kay Rowan

Camp Confidence – set on a campsite this venture into the land of a ‘confidence-boosting experience’ is both hilarious and thought provoking.  The play involves 7 ladies of varying ages, shapes and sizes all of whom have phobias and that includes both the course director and her assistant. 

Compton Little Theatre is typical of many village halls however as this was a supper theatre and each table being given a picnic basket on the tables covered with ‘grass’ and daisies!The open stage with excellent set dressing and props really set the scene and the campsite was complete with tent and a washing line. The costumes all fitted the individual characters and had been carefully thought through. Both makeup and hair were minimalist but effective.

A very entertaining evening throughout.  The cast certainly worked their magic on the script and created most believable characters whether claustrophobic or agoraphobic they very believable but the obsessive cleaning disorder was so inventive and fancy being so afraid of bird that includes someone in a bird costume.  They should all be very proud of both the diction and the clarity.  A great cast who developed their roles exceedingly well.

Thank you to the whole team for a very special evening back in the theatre.

Kay Rowan

SE Councillor