Date 1st May 2014
Society Wallasey Musical Theatre Company
Venue Church Hall
Type of Production Musical
Director Nora Howcroft
Musical Director Mike Pinder
Choreographer Lara Crombie


Author: Jackie Kay

Never having seen this musical I was really looking forward to the show. From the opening number with a great set and beautiful costumes the audience were in for a night to remember.
Steve  Benson was stunning as King Arthur. His acting and vocals were top rate. Little wonder that Guenevere falls in love with him. Lindsay Farnworth was well cast in this part looking gorgeous in the lovliest of outfits. The solos and duets with Arthur and Guenevere were really well sung. However Lancelot appears on the scene, well acted by John Preston. He falls in love with Queen  Guenevere and she with him.

By now Arthur has now formed the Knights of the Round Table. Merlin (Alan Hitchen) tries to help as does Pellinore brilliantly played by Mike Donoghue .Trouble is lurking in the form of the evil Morgana Le Fay well acted by Adrienne Wormald and Meredith Collinson who was a brilliant Mordred, set on bringing down Camelot; a brilliant performance

Plaudits must be given to all the cast for excellent chorus work especially the men playing  the Knights, you were super.

Many thanks for the care given on my visit, I had a great evening.