Calendar Girls

Date 28th November 2013
Society Colwyn Abbey Players
Venue Theatr Colwyn
Director Geoff Edkins



Since recently being released to Amateur Societies, this piece has proved to be a popular choice and a crowd puller for many groups. The action takes place mainly in the church hall in Knapeley Village Yorkshire and on top of a hill appropriately named John’s Hill.
I particularly liked the director’s minimalistic set which did not in any way detract from the script itself. It was evident that each member of the cast including minor roles had done their homework on this one and thoroughly studied their character. There were so many exceptional performances in this piece that it would not be appropriate to select individual performances, but this was truly a great team effort. Scene changes were swiftly executed with no pauses, calendar photographic scenes were tastefully done, and I loved the short interlude with ‘the parcels’ to cover the Girls change of costume – well done.

The well-balanced cast were well rehearsed in all their tasks, voice projection was excellent in all cases, and the cast brought out the necessary pathos and comedy from the script. They complemented one another in their performances thus culminating in an excellent and thought provoking production which director Geoff Edkins should be justly proud. The appreciative audience left the theatre with that ‘feel good factor’ with nothing but praise for a wonderful evening’s entertainment from this most professional group.