Calendar Girls

Date 28th June 2013
Society Hilltop Theatre Company
Venue Pentyrch Village Hall
Director Jan Stapleton


Author: Ralph Thomas

Pentyrch or the sunny dales of Pentyrch will never be the same again! The rolling hills of Caerphilly Mountain and the local rivalry with Radyr WI, all had a part to play in this cleverly indigenous interpretation of Tim Firths wonderful script.

The production is a fantastic opportunity to explore the talents and wiles of the mature female element of the society and the ladies of Hilltop did not disappoint. How can any company fail to be excited in having the opportunity to perform such a work? The announcement that “our next production is Calendar Girls”, in any society sends would be participants into a tailspin of activity including what to wear, re-enrolment in the diet class, endless miles on the treadmill.............and that’s just the men, who all played their respective roles well especially an incredibly cheeky Lawrence from James Randell.

Hilltop thoroughly enjoyed performing this piece and the resultant camaraderie that ensues during and following the rehearsals. Brenda Slaughter commented “tai-chi and a picnic in the garden”, ladies who lunch and sheer enjoyment for all who are involved.

The well presented home-grown set certainly struck the right chord and the cast committed to the “art of concealment” whole heartedly and with aplomb. In the role of Ruth Tracy Richards was delightful  and it was great to see Lynda Coombes coming into bloom and away from the orchestra pit, such a talent and a rocker to boot! Congratulations cast on a job and well done in preserving the standard we have come to expect from a Hilltop production! Thank you for a thoroughly entertaining evening.