Calendar Girls

Date 29th June 2013
Society The Watson Players
Venue Derby Guildhall Theatre
Type of Production Play
Choreographer Lynne Chamnbers & Patricia Church


Author: Keith Scott-Savage

An exceptionally well crafted production of this very popular play, bringing out a whole range of human emotions  from dealing with cancer,  to the hilarious antics of the `coming to  terms` of six W.I. Members posing nude for a calendar to raise funds for a cancer charity.

All the cast played their parts with a realistic verve, and fully deserved the audience ovation at the end of their performance.    Angela Swift gave a moving portrayal of Annie, whose husband John, played with dignity by Peter Stevenson, succumbs to cancer.  Regina Repton, playing Chris, the force behind the creation of the calendar,  Patricia Church as Jessie, earthy and uncomplicated,  tells all as she sees it.  Karen Jones as Celia,  who mixes with the Golf Club Set, but knows where her real friends are.  Gill Swift as Cora, the minister`s daughter, not adverse to using the occasional effective expletives, and Angela Barradell as Ruth, uncertain and apprehensive about her life, but who comes up trumps and confidently tells her husband`s lover Elaine, a full of herself beautician played by Emily Johnston,  where to go.  A  wonderful performance by all.  Carole Presbury as Marie, also gave a splendid portrayal of the W.I. Chair, who lives in a time warp of old English upper class values and was by- passed by the rest of the members.

Although outnumbered by ladies,  the  men held their own, with Sean Beeston playing the photographer Lawrence,  Trevor Chambers as Rod,  and Carl McGarrigle as Liam.

Particularly touching was the scene where the ladies read the letters from  people who had lost loved ones to cancer.  A  reminder that this disease touches many. This play has many poignant moments but there is also a lot of humour, and with excellent direction from Pat Church  and Lynne Chambers the Watson Players brought it out to the full.