Calendar Girls

Date 12th October 2012
Society Port Sunlight Players
Venue Gladstone theatre Port Sunlight
Type of Production play
Director Liz Sharp
Musical Director N/a
Choreographer N/a


Author: Budge Grounsell

Port sunlight players certainly made a gradely (as they say up north) production of Calendar Girls.  There wasn’t a weak performance from the cast and Liz Sharp the director proved she has her finger on the pulse when it comes to getting the most out of a script and players:  and what of our calendar ladies.. Cora (Cheryl Williams) vicars daughter and unmarried mother  always conscious of her local status.. never short of a retort..funny lady.  Chris (Jillian Hamill) the driving force behind the idea  born to lead with boundless enthusiasm and strong will. Annie (Hayley Price) played the more quiet and sensitive" role of  the willing follower; in it for her late  husband John’s sake, worried it is all getting out of hand. Jessie (Bettina Wilkins) every inch the retired schoolteacher..Ruth (Caroline Ewen) loved the netless badminton scene and the confrontation with her husbands mistress and  wholly out of character  swearing forcefully, to the audience’s great delight.  Yvonne Bush Downey was Celia lovely performance refusing to be a golf widow by joining the golf club.. topless on the back of a

They were ably supported by Marie (Christine Tomlinson) WI Chairperson “a little on the snobby side”  LadyCravenshire (Yvonne Crowhurst)  the lady of the manor who also doubled as Brenda and Elaine( Diane Dilworth)  of the striking hair colour,  beautician and object of Ruth’s wrath.  What of the  men ?  Les Read the unfortunate catylist of the whole business did the part of John, Annie’s husband convincingly enough to make us glad  see him make it for the final curtain. Chris’s  husband Rod (John Fullerton)  full of beer and bonhomie..Lawrence (Stuart Clay) with potentially the best job in the  show as the photographer.  I heard he was offered good money by others to relinquish the part, but stuck to his guns or should I say lens.  Liam The Advertising Director (Graham Rannard) made the most of the small task he had and he was the real photographer as well.

It was nice to see in the programme the props team getting a special vote of thanks for theirs is a crucial task.  The “behind the scenes team” are all heros, as much of what you see is down to them and their contribution is all important.

This is the second time I’ve see this show in the last three weeks; I wasn’t disappointed the first time and I certainly wasn’t this time either.

Working from the same script  both directors  brought  different interpretations in action and emphasis enough to make both evenings very very enjoyable.