Date 30th March 2012
Society Newcastle Glees Musical Society
Venue Annesley Hall, Newcastle
Director Antoinette Morelli
Musical Director Manus O’Boyle
Choreographer Jennifer Rooney


Author: Sheelagh Hobart

The set was well designed for the Glees’ small stage with different levels, which were well used by the large chorus. The orchestra coped well, positioned on the upper floor at the back of the bar without a TVmoniter. With little wing space, Director Antoinette often brought cast through the auditorium with singing and dancing in the aisle, which the capacity audience loved. Being one of few companies who operate without body mikes, voices were mostly well projected.  Costumes were well presented – I liked the ruby theme for the ball.

A rousing opening revealed a number of newly bewhiskered females joining the cowboy ranks - very convincing they were too! All chorus harmonised well and danced with great enthusiasm - Jennifer’s choreography was not compromised by the confined space. Claire Killough was a feisty, thigh slapping Calamity, retaining her character throughout and Bill Hickok (Brian Devlin) was steady and laid back - a good foil to her character. John Carville did a good job as young Lt. Danny Gilmartin and Emma Nugent was a convincing Katie Brown. Harmonies from these four were lovely. Seamus Boden was a wonderfully frenetic Henry Miller; Rattlesnake, Doc and Joe (Tony Bannon, Anthony Bannon and David McConnell) all added individual personalities to the action. Clare Murnin was a delightful Susan and Ross Hoey (Frances Fryer) an excellent song and dance man. Ross and John (Carville) also teamed up as “stage-door Johnnies” to Carol-Anne McKay’s Adelaide Adams. Her song, although expertly performed, was somewhat overshadowed by their comedic antics!