Date 10th October 2015
Society Winton Players
Venue Petersfield Festival Hall
Type of Production Comedy
Director Ruth Hiller


Author: Barbara Fairclough

BUSYBODY, written in 1959 by Jack Popplewell, is a very funny comedy. It is a murder mystery centred on an office cleaner who finds the managing director dead in his office with a paperknife in his back. The detective who arrives to deal with the murder turns out to be a man she had known in her youth. Her simple attempts to help him solve the case gave the audience hours of entertainment.  As with any comedy, it is a ridiculously complex plot.

The hilarious play centres on a cleaning women who keeps telling the cops how to mind their business and who steps forward at every opportunity. She lives in the basement of the office building she cleans and one night finds a body. By the time the police arrive, there is no body and no evidence. The wrong alarms are sent out, murdered men turn up alive and the whole thing is caulked up to the cleaning women’s imagination .

The impressive set worked very well with the fast flowing script, many doors were used with great timing including the office cupboard. The stage props were very authentic to the era of the 50’s, as were the costumes.

The lighting and sound was very good with every word being heard by the very appreciative audience, who really got into the feel of great comedy.

Finally, the production by Winton Players was well received by the audience who, by their laughter, showed that they were thoroughly enjoying their evening.