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Boogie Nights


6th November 2012


Alderley & Wilmslow Musical Theatre Company


Evans Theatre

Type of Production



Ryan Ellershaw

Musical Director

Mike Bramhall


Alex Howarth


Author: Michael Jones McCaw

Alderley and Wilmslow Musical Theatre Company took us back to the seventies with their production of Boogie Nights.

Under the direction of Ryan Ellershaw, the cast did well in capturing the chemistry between Roddy and his friends, each playing their part with conviction and an infectious sense of fun.

In the limelight, Michael Dawes as Roddy embraced the character bringing a natural a very likeable charm. His vocals were spot on, adding real depth and even a spot of emotion to the role.

Long suffering girlfriend Debs was played by Alison Brander who gave a confident portrayal.

Loveable best mate Terry was played by Max Fone, who gave an impeccable performance and was so entertaining from the outset. Trish played by Clare Andrews was a perfect match with great comic timing.

The role of bad boy Spencer was played by Bob Jennings,  gave a confident portrayal mixed with a few funky moves on the dance floor.

Tina Lynn as Lorraine provided strong support with a good balance of sass and vulnerability. DJ Dean was played by Alex Webb giving a dependable performance whilst Comin Dale warmed into the role of Eamon.

Musical Direction by talented Mike Bramall was bang on and led the production with great pace from beginning to end. The choreography by Alex Howarth was fun and energetic and had almost every move you’d expect to see on the seventies dance floor. It was well executed with a beaming smile from every single cast member which was a delight to watch.

The shifting relationships were sensitively portrayed with a good balance of humour and pathos. Despite its essential light-heartedness, the production successfully embraced more serious themes of loyalty, fidelity, honesty, acceptance and individuality, painting a thought-provoking picture of what it means to be a young person, friend, parent and aspiring artist.