Blood Brothers The Play

Date 29th March 2014
Society Hilltop Theatre Company
Venue Pentyrch Village Hall
Director Linda Coombes


Author: Ralph Thomas

Always a pleasure and a great welcome at Hilltop, I was looking forward to this production and the directing debut of Linda Coombes.
Tim Driscoll gave an interesting interpretation of the Narrator bordering on the demonic. I did feel however he was a little too animated and on occasions this distracted from the plot, while his dialogue wandered a little too far from the original play script. Mrs Johnson (Judy Harrhy) and Mrs Lyons (Sian Williams) provided the maternal interest while a supporting cast worked a very small stage well.
The external house set was very effective and is a testament to the stage crew who manufactured it.
A feisty Linda was played by Lauren Mair Harris the femme fatale of circumstance, whose love for both Mickey (James Randell), and Eddie (Tom Addiscott) would lead to their ultimate demise. Now about those two lads..........James Randell gives a believable, passionate performance each time he plays this role and Tom Addiscott was a fine foil in this pairing. This trio gave an excellent performance and carried the play as well they should.
The company enjoyed this play as did the audience on the night I was there. Thanks for the invite and well done Linda Coombes (a great talent), on your directing debut.