Blood Brothers (Play Version)

Date 1st April 2017
Society Centrestage Productions Youth Theatre
Venue The Arch
Type of Production Play


Author: M Coltman

My first time seeing this group covering for Mark Allen and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We were made very welcome and Centre Stage is fortunate to have their own venue at the ‘Arch’ which is a great little theatre perfect for this production. This was the 12-14 yrs group.

Summer Hughes takes on the role of Mrs Johnston singing ‘We’d go dancing’ setting the scene by telling the story of how she had met and married her true love and how he had left her alone with all the children to look after, Summer is very confident and has a good singing voice, I liked her accent that she kept up throughout the play. Getting a job cleaning in the posh part of town but finds out she was now expecting twins.

Emily Tilston plays Mrs Lyons, who is desperate for a child of her own. Her husband is away on business for the next nine months so she comes to an arrangement to take one of the twins and bring the child up as her own. Emily also comes across as being confident in her role. A little while after the babies are born she soon goes back on her word and orders Mrs Johnston to leave her employment.

The story is narrated to keep it moving along a role shared by Abbie Brett and Eva Angell Collins.

Moving on seven years the two boys meet whilst playing and find out they share the same birthday they become friends and Blood Brothers. Ciaran Archer-Scott plays Mickey Johnston, he is very likable and has a cheeky face, I really liked his story about ‘being seven but almost eight’. He plays the more streetwise kid very well and there is a contrast between him and Edward ‘Eddie’ Lyons played very well by Alex Bateman, who is the more privileged boy. Poppy Evans is lovely as Linda, Mickey’s friend, and she comes across as a strong character.  They all become great friends. Mrs Lyons however, never wanted the boys to meet and is angry and decides to move home to split them up.

The play moves on ten years, The Johnston’s have also moved home (to the same town) and Edward's ‘mum’ has become paranoid that they are following them.
Mickey is now played by Allan Lee - he works well with Hannah Sherman as Linda; they have feelings for each other but he hasn’t asked her out yet. Eddie now played by Karsci Wright is also strong in his role. They reform their friendship but he gets sent away to school. They are each very good as the older versions of the characters and stand out well.

Three more years pass. Mickey & Linda start going out and Eddie goes off to university.  When he returns things have changed, they are now married, Eddie tries to help with a job for Mickey, and he becomes a shoulder to cry on for Linda. Mickey takes everything wrong and confronts Eddie, Mrs Johnston runs in to stop them fighting, shouting out that they are ‘real’ brothers they stop, but we then see Mrs Lyons running on and shooting both of the brothers.

A powerful story line that is nicely portrayed by the whole group, simply set with the odd bit of furniture works well. The other cameo roles are also good. Well done you should all be very proud of yourselves.