Blood Brothers

Date 11th May 2018
Society Rainham Theatrical Society (RTS Ltd)
Venue Oast theatre
Type of Production Play
Director Kerry Bailey
Choreographer Georgie Shearer


Author: Gordon Harris

The story revolves around a set of Liverpudlian twins, Mickey and Eddie, who were separated at birth by their mother Mrs Johnston and one raised in a posh family while the other raised by her poor family. The twins’ lives are entwined but not knowing they are twins, they both fall in love with the same girl, causing a riff in their friendship and leading to the tragic death of both brothers.

Kerry Bailey (Director), your direction for this play gave us comedy, sadness, pathos, all the elements of great direction, was solidly there. Kerry you kept us engaged in this dramatic piece of theatre to a very high standard. Luke Bailey and Andy Anderson had the difficult roles of Mickey and Eddy the twins, these two young men bounced off each other, both in comedy and drama their transitions in years through the play seemed effortless, accent for Mickey was difficult to keep up all the way through but his and Eddie’s characterisations were perfect. Angharad Shearer (Mrs Johnston) the downtrodden mother of Mickey, this part was cast expertly by Kerry. Angharad gave us a solid and touching performance both in acting and singing, a full gambit of emotions. Once again characterisation shone through. Kathy West (Mrs Lyons) a stalwart of RaTS: her Mrs Lyons is the best I’ve seen in the 7 productions I have seen of Blood Brothers, both as a play and a musical. A very professional performance by Kathy. Ryan Caston (Narrator): Ryan’s grasp of the Narrator was superb, his accent was perfect and kept all the way through, his facial gestures were superlative, he controlled the stage when he was on, Ryan has grown into a very talented young actor, over the years I have been Noda rep. Alice Tilley, a great young actress who came into her own at the end of the pla,y great accent and stage control. Michael Gentry and Caroline Freemantle (Mr Johnston. Milkman, Doctor and Policewomen) backed this well picked cast. Ensemble made up of Alan Godman.Jo Godman, Charlotte Caston and Helen Caston, and their presence at the beginning was pleasing. Costumns, Sound, Lighting, Props all in the great standard of RaTS. 

Kerry and your cast should be very proud of this piece of excellent theatre