Blackadder II

Date 9th April 2016
Society Idle & Thackley Theatre Group
Venue I & T Little Theatre
Type of Production Play
Director Bob Cochrane


Author: Judith Smith

Over the past years ITTG have been very successful with their productions of excerpts of plays from well loved television series and this latest offering was no exception. 

The small stage easily divided into three main playing areas and a bed very quickly and easily converted into a table or anything else required of it.  As always, lighting and sound effects were first class as were the costumes (The Dressing-Up Box Brighouse).  The characterisations of Blackadder and Baldrick (Liam Hunter and Richard Fisher) were beautifully played, very true to form and not overstated, as this would have spoiled in their belief and respect.  Phillip Crann was delightfully vague as Lord Percy whereas Dave Ayres, Sara Temple and Alyson Boote (Melchett, Queenie and Nursie) held the more deliberately comedic roles together with the other members of the cast who doubled up well in their respective roles.  I must mention Damian Fisher (Lord Flashheart) in his debut acting role, every bit the ebullient, loud mouthed character as originally performed by Rik Mayall.

This was a good evening's entertainment and, as in the past with their productions of TV shows, they performed their version of the play and not merely a copy of what had been seen on TV which kept everything fresh and very enjoyable.