Blackadder Goes Forth

Date 28th June 2014
Society Idle & Thackley Theatre Group
Venue Idle & Thackley Little Theatre
Type of Production Play
Director Emma Burton


Author: Pam Booth

A talented group of men, and 'Bob'of course, brought this play alive with their wonderful impersonations of the Blackadder cast. There wasn't a weak link in the team and they seemed to thoroughly enjoy their romp through scenes from the television series.

They were led by Blackadder (Liam Hunter) who is desperately trying to think of a plan to get away from the front line. His delivery of lines was so like that of Rowan Atkinson that if you had closed your eyes it could almost have been him. Baldrick (Richard Fisher) was deliciously dirty and full of cunning plans and George (Paul Cross) was a good contrast with his amiable manner and his lovely leading lady portrayal.

General Melchett (David Ayres) was spot on with his blustering manner and his side kick the crafty Captain Darling (Ben Whitney) sadly suffered under his command.

Congratulations to 'Bob' who not only played a super role but skilfully directed this production.

Lord Flashheart (Ian Knight) brought back poignant memories of the late Rik Mayall with his boasting and ebullient manner. Baron Von Richthoven (Bob Cochrane) was a wonderful bombastic German Officer providing Blackadder with hope of safety in a German prison and Field Marshall Haigh (Mark Lyness) was the last hope in the escape plan.

The final scene when they go over the top to be killed outright was handled well and was very moving. The trench that they climbed out of was part of an excellent and cleverly thought out set and the society are very fortunate to have such a talented set building team. The props and furniture were very authentic and along with the excellent sound and lighting effects set the scenes well. The backcloth in the final scene showing first the battlefield and then the field of poppies was very moving at a time when many are thinking of the great loss in the first world war.